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FEB. 11, 2017 - 10 AM - 5 PM

Sponsored by the Lyndon SnoCruisers







Rules of the Poker Run

1.      $5.00 per hand played. Play as many hands as you would like. You will be given a 3X5 card for each hand.  You will write your name and phone number on each card.  Start at any participating stop. Pay then.

2.      At each stop, you will select one of your 3X5 cards and then draw from a deck of cards.  The agent will mark the card drawn on the 3X5 card and sign the card.  Continue to draw one card for each 3X5 card by selecting the card first and then drawing from the deck of cards. Go to 5 different stops to complete your hand for each card.

3.      Completed hands may be turned in at the Gap, Lakefront Express Mart, NEK Country Store or Every Buddy's Casual Dining unless you choose to play the extra card option (***see below). All hands must be turned in by 5:00PM.

4.      Prizes will be awarded at Everybuddys Casual Dining at 7:30PM or when the winner has been determined.  You must be present to win prizes - prizes will NOT be mailed.


 ***Extra Card Option:  At a 6th stop, one additional card can be drawn for each 3X5 card at a cost of $2.00 and substituted for any one of the 5 cards already drawn.  If the participant is playing multiple hands, the participant must identify the 3X5 card for which the extra card is being drawn prior to drawing the card.  No changes are allowed after the card is drawn.  The participating stop will record the best hand of the 6 cards drawn and take the hand.  No refunds will be provided.



Participating Stops

1. Everybuddy's Casual Dining

Lyndonville, VT

2. Nick's Gas 'N Go

Lyndonville, VT

3. Wheelock Store

Wheelock, VT

4. LynBurke Motel

Lyndonville, VT

5. Burke Publik House

East Burke, VT

6. NEK Country Store

East Burke, VT 

7. East Burke Market

East Burke, VT

8. The Gap

Westmore, VT

9. Mike's Gas & Redemption

West Burke, VT

10. K T Ray's on the Pond

Island Pond, VT

11. Lakefront Express Mart

Island Pond, VT




1st place prize - $400 Cash


2nd-5th place prizes will also be awarded