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 Join us for our annual Poker Run fundraiser with many locations, prizes and of course TOP prize is CA$H! Locations can be reached by sled or vehicle so this happens rain or shine. 


FEB 4, 2023 10 AM - 4PM


1ST PRIZE - $500


2ND PRIZE - $100


3RD PRIZE - $50


Anyone can play,  Snowmobile, drive, fatbike



Mike's Gas & Redemption


East Burke Market


Nick's Gas N Go

Burke Publick House


NEK Country Store

Cafe Lotti


 Parker Pie

Smith's Store


Extra Card Stop – The ORANGE RIND -  Extra Card stop only also 50/50



A. At first stop, pay $5.00 for each 6 x 9 envelope hand played. Draw a 2 x 4 sealed envelope for each hand and place in 6 x 9 envelope. Write name and phone # on each envelope.


B. Go to 4 (four) more stops and draw a 2 x 4 sealed envelope for each 6 x 9 envelope.


C. To play extra card, go to the Orange Rind and pay $2.00 for each extra card and place 1 (one) card in each 6 x 9 envelope.


D. After going to 5 regular stops, turn in completed hand at Wildflower Inn by 5:00 p.m 


 RECEPTION AT Wildflower Inn 4:00 to 8:00

50/50 Raffle, Special Games, Award Prizes

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